Change Your Mood, Focus, and Life – In Seconds


change-your-moodHow can you change your mood, focus, and eventually even your life, in seconds?

Questions can be one of the most life-changing tools you’ve ever tried.

You might be watching TV one second, but then ask yourself, “What am I going to have for dinner?” Your focus has completely changed. Your thoughts have changed.

The question, “What can I have to eat that is healthy and nutritious?” creates different thoughts and objectives. The answer you receive will be different, too.

Consider these ideas:

1. Use questions to enhance your diet and exercise choices. We just covered a good example. Asking simple questions like this can alter your food choices. Your willingness to exercise can also be influenced.

  • “What damage am I doing to my body if I eat this food?”
  • “What impact will this food have on my health and weight?”
  • “How will I feel about eating this food an hour later?”
  • “What will exercise do for me in the long-term?”
  • “What form of exercise would I enjoy the most?”

2. Use questions to enhance your mood. When you ask yourself unsupportive questions, you feel worse and your view of the world is darkened. You can make yourself sad, frustrated, or jealous by asking poor questions. You can achieve the opposite by asking questions that uplift you.

  • “What is going right in my life right now?”
  • “Who loves me and who do I love?”
  • “Where would I go on my dream vacation?”
  • “What can I do right now that would make me happy?”

3. Use questions to reach your goals. Ask the wrong questions and you’ll procrastinate or use your time ineffectively. The right questions can help you to make your dreams come true.

  • “How can I use my time most effectively right now to advance toward my goals?”
  • “What is the best plan to achieve my goals?”
  • “How do I waste time when I should be working?”
  • “What are the five most important things I need to do to be successful?”

4. Use questions to enhance your relationships. Relationships are never static. They require your attention, too. Asking yourself effective questions can enhance your personal and professional relationships. Make your relationships stronger and more fulfilling.

  • “What are some simple things I can do to make my partner happy?”
  • “What is the status of my relationship? How can I make it better?”
  • “What does my friend need from me right now?”
  • “How can I best help my coworker?”

5. Use questions to get things done. You can get more done via the power of questions.

  • “What needs to be cleaned in my house?”
  • “What can I do in the next hour to beautify my landscaping?”
  • “What is the best order for this list of five errands?”
  • “How great will I feel after completing my taxes?”

6. Use questions to enhance your finances. Your decisions around saving, spending, and earning are sensitive to the questions you ask yourself.

  • “How will my long-term finances be impacted by this purchase?”
  • “Do my financial needs suggest that I should invest with a long-term or short-term focus?”
  • “How can I best enjoy my Saturday night without spending more than $25?”
  • “How much money will I have if I save $100 each week for the next 20 years?”

Questions can be magical if applied properly. If you find yourself unhappy, lazy, preparing to eat a half-gallon of ice cream, or thinking about betting $100 on black, the right questions might change your behavior. Questions are free and effective. Be one of the few people that uses questions to your advantage.

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