Comfort Zones Limit My Potential


Although I appreciate predictable situations, my creativity is sparked when I am struck by the unexpected. I make the effort to live outside of my comfort zone. Keeping myself surrounded by known circumstances prevents me from developing new skills. 

In my workplace, I volunteer for projects that I am unfamiliar with. Being willing to participate in something new pushes me to learn quickly. 

Each new thing that I learn makes me more marketable. When I accomplish what I am good at, I move on to what is foreign to me. Doing this expands my scope and increases my value to my employer. 

I take the same approach when working out at the gym. Each week I increase the weights that I lift because doing so creates a new challenge. 

By committing to increasing the challenge, I make my body stronger. I become more physically fit when I push myself to do more difficult exercises. Lifting only what I know I can gets in the way of discovering my true potential. 

Today, I am opposed to anything that limits my potential. I am committed to stepping out of my comfort zone in each aspect of my life. There is a certain freedom that comes with pushing myself to achieve more. I am encouraged by each challenge I encounter. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I encourage myself to push my limits?
  2. How difficult or easy is it to identify when a current situation is limiting my potential?
  3. In what other ways am I able to strengthen my abilities and talents?
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