Commitment Builds Longevity in My Relationships


I build each relationship on commitment. Experience teaches that dedication is critical for my most precious, long-standing relationships. 

My friends join me each day in showing mutual support. I recognize that their commitment to me is what keeps me going back to them. Knowing that they have my best interests at heart is powerful. 

Devotion is sometimes difficult to maintain, but it is important to ensuring successful bonds. I am dedicated to putting in the effort to prove my loyalty. 

Being available to my coworkers shows my employer that I embrace teamwork. I know that being a team player helps to ensure tenure in my job. It keeps my relationship with my employer positive and effective. 

I provide a reliable support system for anyone who requires my assistance. Whenever I am able to help someone, I give it my all. 

Anything that is worth my time deserves to be handled well and until completion. Being diligent signals to others that I am a good partner. My network is wide because I commit my all to my endeavors. 

Today, I am happy for my relationships. My ability and desire to commit leads to strong bonds. I celebrate the foundation of commitment on which long-lived relationships are formed. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. In what ways am I able to show my commitment to my family members?
  2. Why is it that some relationships end up breaking apart?
  3. How affected am I when I experience a lack of commitment from a friend or co-worker?



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