Connecting With Others Gives Me a Sense of Belonging


When I surround myself with people of common interest, it helps to define my identity. The company of others whose perspectives align with mine is crucial to me. Being able to connect with them makes me feel like I belong. 

I feel at home when I am around other creative minds. Being able to share my thoughts with them is refreshing. Our common curiosity allows my spirit to align with theirs. 

I get a real sense of community when I open myself to sharing. 

The connections my co-workers and I share are strengthened because we make room for personal interaction. Having a relaxed rapport encourages teamwork and team building. 

My family is the unit that I feel most a part of. Each day, I make time to talk to and see my family members. 

The shared love of family reminds us that our bond is strong and unbreakable. I feel safe in the presence of my loved ones. 

Today, the time I spend connecting with others serves to build a foundation of support. I feel a sense of togetherness when I take the time to share experiences with others. My circle of special people serves as my extended family. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. In what ways can I forge a connection with others?
  2. How do I handle being alone without the support of my communities?
  3. How supportive am I to others who want to connect with me?
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