Consistency Develops Will Power and Produces Results


Each task or project I undertake receives my fullest effort. The results are positive when I put my all into whatever I do. Consistency produces favorable results. 

My responsibilities at work vary from day to day but I approach them all the same. I am thorough with each task to ensure successful execution. My focus on details plots a path for me to get the job done 


When I consistently go after goals, it builds my confidence. I am less intimidated by challenging exploits when I push myself to shoot for smaller targets. 

Saving money is sometimes difficult, but I am committed to doing it. When I put aside small amounts of money, I gradually develop a pattern for saving, which strengthens my financial position. 

Exercising is important to me. I see positive results when I exercise on a daily basis. My body and mind are both more responsive. I am energized when I make time to take care of my physical needs. I also feel more confident because working out makes me physically fit. 

When my friends and family ask for my assistance, I am readily available. Being present to help them reinforces my commitment to their well-being. 

Today, I celebrate the value of doing all things with consistency. Life is more rewarding when I commit to doing things well. I am focused on acting in a way that produces desired results. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How much effort does it take to be consistent?
  2. How do I determine the next steps when I fall short on achieving a goal?
  3. How can I use my drive to influence others?
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