Creative Ways to Show Your Gratitude to Loved Ones


loved-onesHow do you show your gratitude to those you love in a unique way? Simply saying thank you is not enough. A spoken or written thank you note is not the only option.

Show your loved ones how much you care in unique and unusual ways that will surprise them:

1. Create a social media post online. Instead of writing a traditional thank you note to show your gratitude, you can use the internet.

  • A social media post is a public way to express your gratitude.
  • It can be shared with hundreds or thousands of people, so your message will spread. Your loved ones will see that you truly care.
  • Before you make a public social media post, ensure your family is comfortable with being tagged in the post. Also, avoid sharing too much personal information or photos that can be used by scammers or hackers.

2. Offer to do a chore for them. Actions always speak louder than words, and no one likes to do chores. Offer to do a boring or annoying chore for them.

  • Do they hate to do the dishes after dinner every night? Do they despise using the vacuum cleaner and dragging it upstairs? You can offer to do these chores and give them the gift of time or relaxation.
  • This shows that you truly care about them and want them to be happy.

3. Make them a special gift. Use your own hands to make a gift instead of simply buying a present online or in a store.

  • A handmade gift conveys your thank you message while also showing that you took the time and effort to make something yourself.
  • It’s easy to pick up a bath set, chocolate, or a card at a store. However, it takes time to make a birdhouse, toy, box, or other useful item. You may want to consider making them something they can use every day, such as a storage bin for their keys or a jewelry box.

4. Put a letter in their lunch. If you pack their lunch, this is a great opportunity to show your gratitude. Add a handwritten letter or note to their lunch.

  • Hide it, so they find it at work or school and are surprised. This type of letter can make their day and brighten a boring lunchtime.

5. Make their favorite food from childhood. Instead of picking up a cake or doughnuts at a store, make their favorite comfort food. Cooking and baking are easy ways to show your gratitude.

  • You may have to contact family members to discover their all-time favorite foods. Avoid making assumptions! You certainly don’t want to cook something they don’t like.
  • You can make this experience unique by trying to recreate their favorite meals and getting appropriate utensils and dishes from that era.
  • Spend some time exploring different meal options and presentation choices, so the entire experience is special.

Gratitude isn’t always easy to express, but these unique ideas will help you. The next time you need to say thank you to a loved one, consider using these tips.

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