Criticism Pushes Me to Work More Creatively


I accept that some people have less belief in me than I have in myself. However, their criticism is an important element for self-development. I use it to inspire my creativity. 

When I receive a performance evaluation at work, I analyze any unsatisfactory feedback. I identify areas of my performance that have room for improvement and reflect on other ways of doing things. 

I accept that there may be alternative methods that produce more fruitful results. My mind is open to changing my approach for more effective outcomes. 

It is difficult to swallow harsh criticism when I put my all into my work. But I rely on the expertise of my critics to help me enhance my performance. 

The abilities of others around me inspire me to produce a better quality of work. When I see work that is more outstanding than mine, I admire it. I use each chance I get to figure out ways to take my projects to 

another level. I avoid allowing critiques to get me down. 

Instead of hiding in a shell, I take it with a smile then immediately start to spread my wings. 

Today, I embrace criticism because it serves to elevate my performance. My output today eclipses that of previous days because I learn from feedback from others. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I handle harsh criticism that I feel is unwarranted and deliberate?
  2. What strategies can I use to assess my work to ensure that it is my best?
  3. What sources do I use to provide inspiration for more creative output?
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