Deprogramming Shame 4 of 4: How To Deal With A Difficult Family Member

You know what it’s like to deal with a difficult person, right? Dealing with a difficult family member is even harder. Simply put, you do the work for them…

If you can, find out about their life experience. Put yourself in their shoes, how do you think they emotionally responded? What belief systems do you think they adhere to based on their life experiences?

“The work” will help you become aware of the reasons why they say and do hurtful things to you. These hurtful things might not have anything to do with you.

These hurtful things might be because the person is jealous or envious of you.

Either way, if it’s about you or not, a heightened level of awareness empowers you to not take their behavior personally.

In this episode of her Lineage of Unlovable podcast, Self-Development Coach, Lauren Herrera, shares with you her experience with this work with a deceased and living family member.

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