Differing Views Complement Each Other Like Musical Harmonies


The melodies in good music form a beautiful and harmonious sound. I view the varying perspectives of others in the same way. They offer clarity and come together to create wonderful ideas and cohesive planning. 

Each work team that I am a part of has unique members. Whenever I anticipate chaos in teamwork, I remind myself that out of variety comes quality. 

During brainstorming sessions, I encourage my team members to share their thoughts. Leading organized sharing gives each person a chance to contribute to impressive results. 

Being able to take pieces of wisdom from each offering is exciting. It shows me that collaboration produces a strong and unified solution. The end result is beautiful and harmonious because it represents a little of everyone. 

I enjoy planning vacations with my family. It gives each person a chance to express what they wish to participate in. 

Vacation planning gives me a chance to hear from my family members. I get closer to their likes by listening to their perspectives. Final decisions on where to spend a holiday are based on each person doing something they enjoy. 

The end result of such an exercise is a fun-filled and memorable holiday. When our ideas come together, we have a great time together. 

Today, I am open to the views and experiences of others. I know that living together in harmony is more beneficial than attempting to live apart. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What are some strategies that help me welcome feedback from others?
  2. When are differing views less likely to create a harmonious outcome?
  3. How can I show others the benefit of teamwork?
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