Each Successful Relationship Begins With Love


Building a strong structure requires a solid foundation. I maintain that view even as it relates to building strong relationships. The foundation of successful relationships is sincere love and kindness. 

Each person who becomes a part of my family deserves my love. I embrace those people as extensions of me. Their happiness is my happiness. 

When I approach interactions with my family and friends, I ensure that my heart is open and kind. Being willing to show love adds to the foundation of our positive co-existence. 

Although I share a different kind of relationship with my co-workers, I am good to them. I know that being collaborative instead of competitive strengthens our relationship. 

Encouraging a strong foundation of respect amongst co-workers brings about commitment to achieving goals. My work life is positive because I choose to keep my interaction with my peers healthy. 

Even broken relationships benefit from love in the form of extending a hand of peace. I commit to being at peace with those whose lives no longer intertwine with mine. 

Today, my mind is focused on love. I know that starting each interaction or discussion with a loving mindset results in positive and encouraging relationships. My life is fulfilling because I set a healthy foundation for my interaction with others. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I respond when my gestures of love are rejected by someone?
  2. How do I know when mending a particular relationship is no longer worth the effort?
  3. How do I respond to others who approach me with negative energy?
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