Eating Well Promotes a Sharp Mind


I love how well my mind functions when I stick to a healthy diet. Eating well keeps me alert and helps me think quickly and accurately. 

Each morning I enjoy a wholesome breakfast. Consuming healthy nutrients feeds my body with the ammunition to respond well. Balancing protein, carbs, and vegetables allows me to feel refreshed. 

Vitamins found in healthy foods play a significant part in my overall well-being. Having the right vitamin blend contributes to the production of brain cells. 

Although I sometimes crave sugary foods, I avoid giving into the temptation. A diet high in sugar dulls my mind and causes me to feel lousy. Challenges are more difficult to resolve when I overdo sweet foods and drinks. 

When I eat well, I avoid worrying about getting sick. I instead concentrate on being productive each day. A nutritious diet gives me the opportunity to make the most of my mind and body. 

I stay away from skipping meals because skipping causes a dip in my energy level. Lowered energy prevents me from thinking quickly and concentrating. 

Today, I pay as much attention to my diet as I do my physical health. Being productive and functional is partly attributable to what I eat. I enjoy the way I feel and the things that I accomplish when I eat well. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Where do I get ideas for a healthy and nutritious diet?
  2. What are some of the foods and beverages that give me a sharp and clear mind?
  3. In what other ways do I go about keeping myself healthy?
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