The Effects of Stress – How Your Stress Can Harm Your Kids


effects-of-stressIn this short blog post, we are going to discuss the effects of stress, in particular how your stress can harm your kids.

Now, your kids pick up things from of you. They pick up your mood and your general demeanour, and if you are stressed out all the time, it is going to have a deeply negative impact on them.

You see, your kids see you as a role model, so if you don’t handle stress well, first of all, they will grow up thinking it is normal behaviour to be stressed out and be in a bad mood all the time. They will think it’s normal behaviour to drink and smoke to try and suppress the stress and generally vent your frustrations on them.

And, unfortunately, they will develop these behaviour patterns when they grow up, meaning that it will pass down to another generation and another generation and the whole thing just carries on and on and on.

So you need to nip these problems in the bud, otherwise it will inevitably have an adverse effect on their development. It can affect them physically and it can affect them emotionally and psychologically. And of course kids are going to suffer the same stress related health problems as you do. They are going to have problems with high blood pressure and indigestion and all the other stress related ailments. In other words, they are equally as vulnerable to the effects of stress as are adults.

And of course they will develop some problems of their own. For a start they will develop speech and language problems. If you are always stressed out and shouting at them all the time, then they are not going to be able develop the sort of speech and language skills they will need to communication effectively in the modern world. And when they have difficulty expressing themselves, that is going to be stressful in its own way.

Then there are problems with bed wetting, and they may well get into trouble at school because if they think being irritable and cranky and shouting is normal behaviour, then this will land then in trouble when they do it at school.

So your stress can affect more people than just you, especially if you have a family.

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