Who Else Wants to Lose Weight on Vacation?


lose-weightHow would you like to return from your next vacation with something more exciting than sunburn and cheap t-shirts? If you use your time off to shed a few pounds, you’ll really have cause to celebrate. See how these simple changes can help you start slimming down.

Eating to Lose Weight on Vacation

1. Bring snacks. Airports and highway rest stops are full of greasy burgers and junk food. Take along your own treats like fruit, nuts, and yogurt.

2. Dine in. Restaurant meals tend to be higher in fat and calories. You can enjoy home cooking on the road if you rent a vacation home or pick bed and breakfast inns that let you use the kitchen.

3. Order light. When you do eat out, read the menu carefully. Look for dishes that are grilled, baked or steamed. Ask for sauces on the side, and finish up with sorbet for dessert.

4. Call ahead. Most chefs will be happy to accommodate your dietary needs if you give advance notice. Let them know if you’re vegan or trying to cut down on butter and salt.

5. Watch portions. You can eat just about anything as long as you do it in moderation. Put aside part of your plate immediately for a doggy bag. Order half servings of pasta or soup.

6. Limit alcohol. Cocktails are often high in sugar and other empty calories, and they can lower your willpower so you’re more likely to overindulge. Drink sparkling water or order one light drink like a glass of white wine or a Bloody Mary.

7. Eat breakfast. A hearty morning meal will help you eat less for the rest of the day. Good choices include eggs, fish, and oatmeal.

8. Sample local cuisine. You can still enjoy whatever foods your destination is famous for. Try an exotic fruit or unfamiliar spices.

9. Start a new habit. It can be easier to learn a desired behavior when you’re away from your usual triggers. Start dinner with a green salad or cut down on the amount of sugar you add to your coffee.

Other Ways to Lose Weight on Vacation

1. Walk more. Sightseeing and shopping burn calories. Buy a guidebook or browse online to plan out your route.

2. Visit your hotel gym. Check out hotel websites to search for the fitness features you love. Maybe you want a deluxe weightlifting gym, tennis courts, and swimming pools.

3. Pack gear. You can also exercise without leaving your hotel room. Consider light weight equipment like jump ropes and resistance bands that will be easy to carry. You can even use books or water bottles for light hand weights.

4. Research the neighborhood. Search online or ask your hotel for recommendations about fun activities. You might want to take dance classes or rent bicycles for an afternoon.

5. Learn a sport. Vacations can be an ideal time to diversify your workouts. Brush up on your volley ball game if you haven’t played since college. Explore circus arts or ultimate Frisbee for the first time.

6. Check into a spa. For the ultimate weight loss experience, spend your vacation days at a health spa. There are programs to suit any individual preference or budget. Decide on the services you want, like nutritional counselling or cooking classes. Ask about amenities, extras, and package deals.

If you’re having trouble managing your weight day to day, use your time off to turn over a new leaf. The pounds you lose on vacation could motivate you to stay slim and active throughout the year.

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