Examples of Bravery Motivate Me to Be Bold


This world is filled with wonderful examples of courage. I see many people who bravely face difficult encounters. 

When I observe someone courageously facing a health challenge, I look on in awe. It is inspiring to see someone continue to enjoy life in the midst of poor health. 

Watching others hold their heads high during difficulties reminds me that my situation is resolvable. I avoid giving in to the hard times that I face. 

The soldiers that serve my country are the epitome of selflessness and fearlessness. I avoid taking their contributions for granted. Each time I feel intimidated by a personal battle, I think about the armed forces. 

Volunteering in deprived and depressed societies is a selfless sacrifice. It takes commitment to a cause to shift focus from my own feelings to the mission at hand. 

When I observe teachers educating kids in war-torn communities, I take my hat off to them. Their examples of bravery prove to me that very few challenges are unbeatable. 

The people who counteract fear with bravery are the ones who stimulate me. My experiences are more fulfilling when I take on the tough situations with resolution. 

Today, I believe that there is more to life than satisfying my own desires. I use examples of bravery to show me how to sacrifice for a cause. Each day gives me a chance to sharpen my boldness. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Who are some of the influential people whose bravery motivates me?
  2. How do I regain my bravery after being defeated by fear?
  3. How do I know which challenges to approach on my own versus with support?
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