Family Life is Stronger When There is a Spiritual Bond


I love my family and the closeness we share. I make time in my life for sharing heart to heart expressions with my loved ones. 

Expressing my inner beliefs to my parents helps me to stay true to myself. Having that time to discuss matters of the soul is enlightening. 

The wisdom that my parents possess helps me to solve difficult challenges. They understand my inner struggles and offer encouragement when it is most important. Being able to count on them brings us closer together. 

I participate in charitable activities with my siblings. Working together to help the less fortunate gives us a chance to experience spiritual satisfaction together. 

Discussions with my siblings cover many topics of the heart. Bonding with them on matters beneath the surface is fulfilling and enriching.Understanding what makes others tick makes it easier to embrace their choices. 

Prayer and meditation are important at our family gatherings. Reflecting on the blessings of life together makes us one. 

Today, I give thanks for the special people in my life. My family is my rock. I am proud to be part of a unit that places importance on spiritual enrichment. It is good to know that family life is strengthened by sharing a spiritual bond. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I share spirituality with family members who are less introspective?
  2. In what other ways can I use family time to strengthen the bond between us?
  3. How do I handle situations that threaten to drive a wedge between me and a loved one?
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