I Am a Voice for the Suffering People

suffering people

The world is filled with those who yearn for my help. I am conscious of their existence and am eager to provide my assistance. My focus is on speaking up for the suffering people whose voices are rarely heard. 

I am an advocate for endangered, homeless children. My attention is on the ones whose cries for protection and love often land on deaf ears. 

I develop programs that bring awareness to their plight. I use avenues that are open to me to educate the public on their situation. When I speak up, I am able to get the attention and financial assistance that these kids need. 

People with mental illness deserve to be treated respectfully. My relationships with influential people provide an excellent channel to create consciousness. 

I embrace young adults who are experiencing abuse but are afraid to talk about it. Opening my arms, heart, and ears to them gives them an outlet. I speak out against inhumane treatment and victimization. I encourage them to report wrongdoings. 

When I speak up on behalf of sufferers, I feel fulfilled. It is my responsibility to offer help to my fellow brothers and sisters. 

Today, I use my voice for the betterment of the helpless. I am focused on offering a helping hand to pull them out of difficulty. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

1. What can I do to bring attention to the needs of homeless people in my area?

2. How do I adjust my approach when I realize my lobbying is being ignored?

3. How much time do I spend searching for worthwhile causes to support?

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