I Am a Wellspring of Creativity at Work


I am a creative fountain of ideas at work. My suggestions and tips help my coworkers with their daily tasks and further the goals of my company. 

I am able to tap into my creative energy while I work. 

I unleash my creativity on my projects to complete them more quickly. I understand the balance between productivity and creativity. I focus on ideas that keep me in balance at work. 

I use my mind to make new connections that generate amazing ideas. 

I use new experiences and situations to help my creative talents grow. I use new sounds, smells, tastes, textures, and visuals as inspiration. I find research that is relevant to my work and includes motivational ideas. 

My creative levels rise with each new person, thought, and experience. 

I schedule some time for creative brainstorming sessions each day. This helps me generate a consistent flow of ideas. 

I optimize the environment around me to help my creativity. I make my surroundings comfortable and use lighting to motivate me. I use pleasing colors and reduce noise. My world serves as a background for my creative pursuits. It helps me cultivate new ideas and develop different ways to resolve challenges. 

Today, I acknowledge my creativity at work and my helpful ideas. They are an important part of my team’s ability to overcome difficult circumstances and finish projects. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

1. How can I keep my wellspring of creativity from drying up?

2. What can I do to encourage my coworkers to find their own creative fountains?

3. How can I balance my creative energy with other challenges at work?

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