I Am Powerful


I am strong, confident, and capable. My personal power is real and abundant. 

I stay focused.I devote my time and attention to creating solutions and fulfilling my goals. Following my passions keeps my energy levels high. 

I manage my emotions. When I am sad or angry, I sort out my feelings. I address the underlying issues so I can defuse conflicts and restore my peace of mind. I take a walk or play with my dog if I need time to calm down. 

I take responsibility for my decisions.I think and weigh the consequences before I act. 

I develop my skills. I take on projects that add to my knowledge and expertise. I enjoy learning. 

I cultivate healthy relationships. I count on the love and support of my family and friends. Their encouragement emboldens me. I can take worthwhile risks knowing that they are on my side. 

I lead an authentic life. I am comfortable expressing myself. It is okay for me to stand out from the crowd as long as I am true to myself. 

I give generously. Sharing my time and energy with others leaves me with more than I started out with. My blessings keep growing. 

Today, I know and accept myself as I am. My personal power positions me for success. I am in charge of my life. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How does managing my time wisely affect my personal power?
  2. What can I learn from a past experience where I gave my power away?
  3. Who do I look up to as a role model for exemplifying personal power?
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