I Appreciate My Partner’s Dedication to Our Family


dedicationI recognize my partner’s devotion and appreciate what my spouse adds to our family. I understand we both have important roles and want to see our children find success.

I am grateful for my partner’s help around the house and with the children.

I am grateful for my partner’s concerns about my health and well-being. I am grateful my partner can take over and handle parenting duties while I am sick or busy.

I appreciate my partner’s dedication to help our family grow, prosper, and thrive. We have the same goals for our children and want them to be happy. We support each other at home and at work each day.

My partner’s support is an essential part of my ability to manage my family.

I rely on my partner’s support during difficult times and events. We listen to each other’s concerns and worries before we

make a suggestion. We try to understand each other’s point of view on every topic.

My partner makes my life easier through support and understanding. They have a vital role in my family’s life. My relatives appreciate the devotion my spouse shows to my family day in and day out.

Today, I recognize my partner’s role in the family and feel tremendously grateful for their love and support.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I help my children appreciate what my partner does for the family?

2. What can I do to show my appreciation on a daily basis?

3. How can I help relatives understand the importance of my partner in our family’s lives?

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