I Embrace Aging with Positive Anticipation


Each day presents an opportunity for me to experience something new. Growth is only possible through the passage of time. I embrace the positive things that come with growing older. 

Although aging comes with its concerns, I avoid feeling sad about my age. It is a symbol of my experience and knowledge. 

Life is more meaningful to me when I am able to expand my horizons. Aging adds maturity. It allows me to see and embrace the value of each interaction I have. My mind opens wider with each day that goes by. 

Growing older means unveiling a new side of myself. It is exciting to think about how I evolve with each age bracket I enter. 

I avoid feeling self-conscious when I see physical signs of aging. Beauty runs further than the depth of my skin. I focus on nurturing a beautiful soul and heart. They serve me well along each step of my journey through life. 

Growing older also means discovering new strengths and abilities. 

Being able to add to my base of talents is rewarding. Wisdom is one of my talents that continues to sharpen. I am blessed with good instincts that come through experience. 

Today, it is thrilling to know that my future is filled with bright possibilities that only come as I age. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Which of my inner attributes are sharpened as I grow older?
  2. What are some of the life experiences that I look forward to having?
  3. How can I act as a role model for those who are worried about aging?
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