I Express My Creativity


I feel like an artist, expressing my creative ideas in multiple ways throughout the day. In addition to brightening the day for others, my creativity brings me many benefits as well. 

Creativity sharpens my problem-solving skills. If I run into delays or obstacles, I approach a dilemma from another angle. 

Creativity heightens my awareness of my surroundings. I notice subtle colors and sounds. I see different shades of green in the grass and recognize whether my wind chimes are moving fast or slowly. 

Creativity enables me to know myself more fully. I discover secret talents. 

Creativity helps me to enjoy greater happiness. I relax and have fun. I turn house cleaning into a race with my children. We see who can put away the most toys in the shortest time. 

I write in my journal. I put my thoughts into words. I connect with my imagination and clarify my priorities. 

I pursue my hobbies. I may enjoy building a wooden boat or cooking a gourmet dinner. My projects enrich my life. I strengthen my skills and rack up accomplishments. As my confidence grows, I keep aiming higher. 

I vary my routine. When I feel stale, I shake things up. Instead of playing tennis each morning, I go down to the waterfront to rent a kayak. I try out a different hairstyle or download a new app. 

Today, I engage my imagination. I regard this day as my masterpiece. I follow my passions and pursue my vision. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What is the relationship between creativity and taking risks?
  2. What did I learn about creativity in grade school?
  3. How can I be more creative in my workplace?
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