I Go the Distance


go-the-distanceI carry my plans through to completion. Perseverance helps me to accomplish more. My self-confidence grows and my life becomes more satisfying.

I plan ahead. I know that I may run into obstacles and delays, so I figure out constructive responses.

I renew my motivation. If I start to feel bored or doubtful, I remember the purpose behind my activities. Cleaning the bathroom becomes less tedious when I think about creating a safe and pleasant environment for my family and guests.

I monitor my self-talk. I give myself credit for making an effort instead of worrying about being perfect or looking foolish. I pay attention to what I have to gain instead of what I may lose. I view myself in a realistic and positive light that fills me with hope and energy.

I reach out to others for guidance and assistance. The support of my family and friends lifts me up when I am feeling overwhelmed.

I take care of my body and mind. I exercise and eat a nutritious diet. I relieve stress safely with meditation and soft music. Staying strong and fit gives me the power to endure.

I build up my resilience. I know that I am capable and flexible. Managing my emotions and maintaining a positive attitude help me to adapt when my boss changes the rules or my children cut their own hair.

Today, I commit to finishing what I start. If I fall, I get back up on my feet again. I do what it takes to succeed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is perseverance so rewarding?

2. What is the relationship between passion and perseverance?

3. What are 3 things that keep me going when times are tough?

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