I Guard My Energy


guard-my-energyMy energy is a precious resource. I protect my spirit and vigor.

The decisions I make can energize or drain me. I choose to fill my life with people and situations that build up my strength and stamina. In difficult circumstances, I concentrate on what I can do to hold onto my power and respond constructively.

I devote time to spiritual practices. I meditate and pray. I read inspirational passages and discuss them with other members of my faith community.

I surround myself with loving and supportive family and friends. I ask for help when I need it.

I take care of my body. I exercise regularly and incorporate physical activity into my daily routines. I eat a nutritious diet based on vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods.

I manage stress. I take frequent breaks while I am working to walk around and stretch. I listen to gentle instrumental music or treat myself to a massage. I pause and review my options when I am feeling overwhelmed.

I tune into my body’s natural clock. I figure out the hours when my abilities peak, and use them to work on my most challenging tasks. I engage in activities that create a sense of flow for me.

Today, I watch how my energy fluctuates, and adjust my actions so I that I can stay centered. Guarding my energy makes me happier and more productive.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is one thing I can do each morning to raise my energy level?

2. How does guarding my energy make me more resilient?

3. Why do I need to set healthy boundaries in my relationships to protect my energy?

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