I Have a Keen Sense of Individuality


It is a wonderful feeling to be uniquely separate from those whom I interact with each day. I remind myself that my perspective is worthwhile. I avoid allowing the ways of others to dictate my behaviors and choices. 

Even my loved ones understand and appreciate my strong-willed commitment to myself. They realize that me deciding to do something depends more on my choice and less on their persuasiveness. 

When someone questions my actions, I respectfully acknowledge their expression. I appreciate the fact that my choices sometimes make others uncomfortable. 

I am in this world to make myself comfortable as long as my actions correspond with my belief system. 

My sense of individuality allows me to stand up to another person’s opinion of me. I am proud of the person I am today. 

My individuality is even reflected in my clothing style. Very rarely am I lured into making fashion choices because they are trendy. I wear what suits my body and my personality. Dressing according to how I feel gives me immense confidence. My steps are lighter when I listen to my own fashion cues. 

Today, joy comes from knowing that I remain true to myself at all times. I celebrate the person I am and commit to keeping myself happy. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How are my style and individuality influenced by outside sources?
  2. What cues do I follow to ensure that I am being true to myself?
  3. When is it okay to rely on the perspective of others in making a decision?
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