I Hold Myself Accountable


I take responsibility for my decisions and actions. 

I accept setbacks. When I am faced with disappointing results, I examine my actions instead of placing the blame on others. I evaluate my conduct so I can make positive changes. 

I celebrate victories. I give myself credit when I attain my goals. I work for what I want, and believe in my abilities. I acknowledge that I create my own luck. My skills and effort help to bring about favorable conditions. 

I am willing to answer for my actions. I have the courage and integrity to tell the truth. I earn trust by living up to the promises I make to myself and others. 

I clarify my objectives. Setting specific and realistic targets allows me to chart my progress. I identify my strengths and weaknesses. I plan out my strategy and adapt to changing circumstances. 

I take charge of my health. I count calories and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I exercise each day and maintain a consistent sleep schedule. 

I assume responsibility for my career. I take initiative and network diligently. 

I hold up my end in relationships. I communicate openly and directly. I treat others with respect. I sort out conflicts promptly and give generously. 

Today, I shoulder the responsibility for my experiences, knowing that my present actions determine my future. I hold myself accountable for the quality of my life. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What can I do to encourage personal accountability in my workplace?
  2. How do clear and reasonable expectations help me to be accountable?
  3. Why am I accountable for my own success?
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