I Inspire Respect From Others


Inspire-respect-from-othersI am proud to use my actions and words as a positive example for others. My choices in life bring respect from those around me.

My mantra is to treat each person I encounter with positive regard. I believe that respect is something that comes automatically based on how I treat others.

Co-workers and organizational leaders deserve the same level of respect from me. I make it a point to show others how I prefer to be treated. My actions dictate the kind of response that comes from those I work with.

When I am honest in my interactions, I make it clear to others that I resist compromising my integrity. When I am able to display that belief, I receive their admiration.

Hard work leads to successful outcomes that are worthy of recognition. My efforts at the office prove that I am an exceptional worker. My peers admire my abilities.

Strangers deserve kind greetings when I

pass them on the street. My smile and warm words inspire an equally positive response. Random interactions like this help to make the world a more livable place for everyone.

Today, my words and actions make others feel good about relating to me. I recognize that the kind of respect I expect is based on the respect I give to those around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What other character traits allow me to be viewed positively by others?

2. How does my academic success impact the respect I receive from my peers?

3. What can I do to show that I consider the perspectives of others?

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