I Let Go of Judgments


My mind is free of judgments. I forgive others who may have disappointed me. I pardon myself as well. I believe that each of us deserves a chance to start over. 

I respect others even when they make different choices than me. I listen to their point of view and validate their feelings. I resist the urge to make comparisons. 

I embrace change and innovation. I am willing to experiment with new approaches. I try out bold proposals instead of dismissing them too quickly. 

I connect with others on a deeper level. My relationships become closer and more satisfying when I listen to others instead of labeling them.The more I understand my friends, the more I value them. 

I evaluate what I read and see on TV. I search for facts and filter out bias. I reach my own conclusions. I take away information that is useful to me without getting caught up in feeling angry or frightened. 

I distinguish between the individual and their actions. 

I can disagree with someone while caring about their welfare. I remind myself that there is more to them than the one event that disturbs me. The driver who cuts me off in traffic may have many good qualities. 

Today, I transcend superficial appearances and automatic responses. I choose to practice compassion rather than rushing to judgment. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I feel when others judge me?
  2. What is one example of a snap judgment that I want to view differently?
  3. How have my judgments changed with the passing of time?
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