I Let Others Know When Their Actions Affect Me


My relationships with others help to define my quality of life. My loved ones deserve my openness. Our bond grows stronger each time we are honest with each other. 

I strive to be transparent with my friends and family. When their actions hurt me, I let them know how I truly feel. I open a discussion that leads to resolution. I am able to achieve inner peace after constructive dialogue. 

Telling others how I feel teaches me to stand up for myself. Although I avoid confrontation, I believe it is important to defend what I believe in. 

Sometimes the underhanded behavior of coworkers causes me to feel disappointed. I let them know that their actions cause me to think differently of them. Some experiences allow me to see the true nature of others I interact with. 

I also share with others when their gestures have a positive impact on me. I recognize the importance of expressing gratitude to others for their efforts at kindness. 

Today, I realize that when I share my feelings with others, it has a positive impact on both of us. Expressing my thoughts, opinions, and feelings leads to a free mind and true inner peace. I am committed to being honest about my feelings 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I ensure that my expressions to others are not offensive to them?
  2. Which situations are best resolved without me involving the other party?
  3. How receptive am I when others tell me how my actions impact them?
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