I Love Feedback


feedbackFeedback is a precious gift. I love receiving feedback and sharing my observations with others.

Listening to others teaches me how my behavior affects those around me. I benefit by considering events from a different perspective than my own. Others may see things that I overlook.

I invite feedback by being friendly and open-minded.

I express my enthusiasm and gratitude. I ask questions and take notes to show that I am interested in what my friends and colleagues have to say. I rephrase the input I am given to ensure that my understanding is accurate.

I look for practical ways to apply the information. I change my behavior and track my progress.

When I want to give feedback to others, I choose an appropriate time and place. I act promptly so issues can be dealt with in a timely manner. I speak directly and tactfully

while still being respectful and caring. I consider the needs of others instead of focusing on what I want them to do.

I acknowledge that constructive feedback can come from many sources. A stranger may point out something useful.

Feedback can be positive as well as critical. I enjoy the praise and recognition I receive. I take time to compliment others on their talents and accomplishments.

Today, I welcome feedback. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from others and share my perspective. The knowledge I gain helps me to grow wiser and stronger.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the difference between feedback and advice?

2. Why do I sometimes feel threatened by feedback?

3. What are my strengths when it comes to giving feedback?