I Make Peace


make1peace My relationships run more smoothly because others feel comfortable in my presence. My actions contribute to greater peace in the world.

Peaceful conditions reduce the stress in my life. When I am tranquil, I can accomplish more with less effort. My sense of ease is contagious.

I manage daily stress with constructive solutions. I whittle down my to-do list so that I can devote my efforts to my top priorities. If I feel tense, I schedule a massage or take a walk outside to admire nature.

I still my mind. I slow down and bring my attention to my breath. I observe my thoughts. I enjoy the clarity that comes with sharpening my concentration.

I make a list of the things that I am grateful for. Remembering my blessings instantly makes me feel happier and calmer. I see my life in a more positive and realistic light.

I treat others with respect. I listen attentively to their concerns. I validate their emotions and experiences. I apologize and ask for forgiveness when I make a mistake. I let them know that their happiness and wellbeing matter to me.

I promote harmony and collaboration.

Today, I work at becoming more peaceful. I avoid impulsive actions that could interfere with my inner peace. I put my finances in order and stick to my household budget. I think before I speak to prevent rash comments that can lead to regrets.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the difference between peace and passivity?

2. What are 3 qualities I associate with being a peacemaker?

3. How do I define peace of mind?

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