I Prefer Meaningful Experiences to Material Possessions


The things I treasure most dearly in life are those without a commercial value. My riches are in experiences and wonderful memories. I prefer to have those encounters to a host of material possessions. 

When someone chooses to give me a gift, I am thankful. But I prefer to give thanks for the kind gesture. That has more value to me than the gift itself. 

Being the recipient of a warm thought that inspires gift giving is wonderful. I feel honored when others see fit to give me that consideration. I am encouraged to pay forward that act of goodness and keep the spirit of brotherhood alive. 

Time spent with the special people in my life is meaningful. Sharing thoughts, dreams, and goals with someone I love brings us closer together. 

The bond I share with my loved ones grows day by day. I embrace those special moments we share. I fondly return to them from time to time because they keep the belief in love alive. 

The material possessions that surround me pale in comparison to my wealth of happy memories. Memories keep me happy even on my darkest days. 

Today, I place great value on my experiences with others. I am happy to have the lasting satisfaction that comes from memorable encounters. Each day brings new opportunities to make cherished memories, and I embrace each day’s potential. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How often do I experience true excitement from a gift I have received?
  2. What can I do to turn a difficult experience into one with positive memories that last?
  3. How much of my time do I spend creating happy memories for others?
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