I Reward My Diligence Daily


diligenceEach new day is an opportunity for me to work conscientiously. Whatever is put on my plate deserves my time, focus, and attention. I reward my diligence daily because I see where it pays off.

When I feel uninspired by my work, I remind myself that my work is important. That reminder puts me back at a place to achieve my goals.

I encourage myself to keep working by identifying a daily reward. Knowing that I have a treat coming my way gives me the drive to keep working. I believe wholeheartedly in rewards for performance.

Sometimes, my studies seem overwhelming and watching television is more appealing. But I reassure myself that uninterrupted leisure time is mine whenever I complete my studies.

At the end of the day, when my tasks are complete, it is a good feeling to both achieve a goal and have a reward. My rewards come in various forms because

many different things make me happy. When the rewards are meaningful enough, I am motivated to work towards them.

Using a system of rewards allows me to develop good habits over time. When I build a rhythm, it is easy to continue even without the added motivation of a reward.

Today, my achievements are worth the effort because I reward myself. I continue to believe that positive gestures encourage me to work hard, smart, and quickly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How easily do I adjust to being diligent without the added motivation of rewards?

2. What other attributes can I develop by using a system of rewards?

3. Which activities serve as their own reward just by completing them?



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