I Surround Myself With Beautiful Things


My days are bright and cheery because I remain surrounded by beautiful things. When I make an effort to enliven my environment, I feel a heightened sense of joy and peace of mind. 

I love fresh flowers because they remind me of the wonder of nature. The vibrant colors of petals and leaves remind me to appreciate our natural resources. 

Flowers symbolize what it means to stay hopeful, regardless of my circumstances. I use their example to keep my will alive. Their blooms open to the sun each morning regardless of the circumstances around them. 

Each morning when I get to work, I turn on music that makes me happy. When I play background music, my mental state remains calm and centered. Meaningful songs and melodies help me to focus on the brighter side of life. 

My friends and family members are beautiful as well. They contribute substantially to my quality of life. Their love keeps me grounded. 

On days when I feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, I call on a close friend. Having a supportive ally helps to restore a sense of calm. I am able to take on challenges because I know I have the encouragement of my loved ones. 

Today, I have a wonderful life, thanks to the beautiful things that I surround myself with. My environment is a reflection of how I feel inside. I embrace the loveliness that helps to make my world a better place. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How can I create an environment that helps weed out negativity from my life?
  2. How do my loved ones bring beauty to my life?
  3. What can I do to surround myself with more beauty? 
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