Longevity Comes From Conscious Living


Remaining cognizant of the choices that I make is a great way to maintain lasting experiences and relationships. When I live consciously, my decisions are well thought out to achieve favorable outcomes. 

I am conscious of the diet I maintain because it serves my body well. Including nutrient rich foods in my eating plan ensures that I receive healthy sustenance. 

When my diet is nutritious, my body attains peak performance. I am able to keep my energy level high. My work responsibilities are manageable when I focus on treating my body well. 

Incorporating exercise into my regular daily activities promotes good health. When I am fit, I am less prone to illness. 

Fitness provides a strong foundation on which to live a long and fruitful life. My body and mind support my entire existence, so I ensure they are in sound working order. It feels good to know that I am able to impact the quality of my life. 

I spend money wisely because it is a good way to maintain my ability to survive. The financial choices I make today keep me protected from future unexpected expenses. 

Today, I commit to living consciously each day. Paying deliberate attention to my choices has a tremendous positive effect on my quality of life. I open myself up to many happy days ahead because I remain present in each moment. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. In what aspects of my life can I live more consciously?
  2. How can I support the environment to ensure its longevity?
  3. How do my current choices support my longevity?



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