My Attitude is Positive


I have a sunny outlook. I encourage myself to look on the bright side of life. I remember my favorite things. I recognize opportunities and look for solutions. I frame events in a constructive way. When I run into challenges and obstacles, I remember that I control my reactions. 

If a client changes their order, I can be happy about satisfying their expectations instead of complaining about the additional work. If my flight is delayed, I can use the time to call a friend or read or a magazine. 

I move around. Physical activity refreshes my body and mind. I dissolve tension and let go of my worries. 

I practice generosity. The more I give, the richer I become. I experience a sense of abundance. I let a stranger who is carrying a load of packages have my seat on the train. I buy donuts for my coworkers. 

I spend time with family and friends. I surround myself with inspiring role models. I think about the kindness that I have received from others. I focus on their good qualities. 

I limit my exposure to negative media. 

When I hear about tragedies in the news, I also remember the uplifting stories about heroes who rescue animals or foil kidnappings. 

I meditate and pray. Connecting with the divine makes me feel stronger and more secure. I experience peace and contentment. 

Today, I imagine that the world is smiling along with me. I am a source of positive energy. I welcome more happiness into my life. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. Why does a positive attitude increase my energy levels?
  2. How does my vocabulary affect my attitude?
  3. What can I do today to make someone smile?
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