My Goals Motivate Me


My goals encourage me to move forward. I am excited about fulfilling my dreams. Each day is an opportunity to build on my success. My goals give meaning to my life. They guide my decisions and translate my dreams into action. 

I create goals that are ambitious but attainable. Aiming high stretches my skills. I discover the thrills of learning and growing. At the same time, being realistic helps me to use my gifts effectively. 

I break major projects down into manageable tasks. I take things one day at a time. 

When my finish line seems far away, I set intermediate milestones. I give myself victories that I can celebrate along the way. 

I measure my progress. I evaluate what is working and what I need to change. I hold onto my goals while I adjust my plans. 

I share my goals with others. Saying them out loud makes them more concrete. Plus, I feel more accountable when I know that my family and friends are rooting for me. 

I renew my motivation when my energy dips. I accept setbacks without giving up. I look at the triggers that lead me to drift off course. I invent solutions that help me to recover lost ground. 

It is okay for me to fall as long as I pick myself up. I am still a winner. 

Today, I focus on my goals and aspirations. I surround myself with positivity and remember how far I have come. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What am I doing today to bring me closer to my goals?
  2. Where do I want to be tomorrow?
  3. What is the difference between goals and wishes?
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