Only the First Step Lies Between Me and My Goals


first-stepI can only reach as far as I allow my feet to take me. Each important target I set is within reach because I am motivated to take that first step.

I avoid procrastination. It limits my ability to achieve true success. The present moment holds the greatest value for me.

I know that making a move is all it takes to get the ball rolling. Even when I am unable to hit the goal in the desired time, the first steps mean that I am on the right path. I avoid feeling discouraged and, instead, concentrate on doing things in stages.

Small successes encourage me to keep going. Once I am able to make the first step successfully, I feel confident in my ability to take the next one. Instead of looking at the long road ahead, I look at the next spot for me to place my feet.

I love the energized feeling I get when I push myself to start on a journey. Professional and personal feats feel more manageable when I get my feet wet the first time.

Today, I know I have what it takes to take the first step. My decision to move forward into a challenge is a good one for my quest to accomplish greatness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of the things that cause me to hesitate to go after goals?

2. How do I know when a particular target may be unsuitable for me?

3. How realistic am I when setting goals for myself?

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