Peace, Love, and Ghostbusters


ghostbustersLots of fans are singing the Ghostbusters theme song again thanks to the recent sequel. If you can stop laughing long enough to think about the lyrics, there’s a message in there about how to welcome more peace and love into your life.

Whether you’re trying to exterminate the undead or just provide for your family, find your path to greater happiness. Belting out these three lines from the Ghostbusters soundtrack will help you get started.

“I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts”

The double negative could be a coincidence, but it holds a deep truth. Denying fears just makes them stronger. Only by accepting difficult emotions can you start to heal.

1. Treat yourself with compassion. Give yourself permission to feel afraid or angry. Acknowledge your emotions while remembering that you can choose how to deal with them.

2. Do it anyway. Experiencing your fears can help you to overcome them. Take gradual steps to avoid being overwhelmed. Each time you take action, you reassure yourself that you can cope.

3. Create distractions. When you know your fears are exaggerated, you can fight them by turning your attention elsewhere. When you’re giving a speech, concentrate on your audience instead of the butterflies in your stomach.

“If You’re Seeing Things Running Through Your Head”

Most difficulties start with your own thinking. Focusing on your inner state is likely to change external conditions or at least make them easier to handle.

1. Examine your assumptions. What you believe about a situation may be different from the facts. Double-check your assumptions so you can open up opportunities instead of limiting yourself.

2. Reframe the situation. When you’re stuck, try looking at things a different way. Instead of being irritated by a delay at the airport, fill the time by reading a good book or catching up on phone calls.

3. Learn to relax. Anxiety and overthinking can become a vicious cycle. Calm your overactive mind with exercise or mindfulness meditation.

“Who You Gonna Call”

Each of us needs support and encouragement. Work to build and sustain a strong support network.

1. Ask for help. Reaching out for assistance is a sign of strength that shows you’re brave enough to be vulnerable. Let others know what you need.

2. Diversify your circle. Even paranormal investigators can’t fix every complication. Branch out so you can meet others from different backgrounds. Talking with contacts outside your field allows you to draw on additional expertise.

3. Keep in touch. Focus on quality over quantity. Contacts that you see regularly matter more than having hundreds of online acquaintances you rarely communicate with. Schedule family dinners and coffee dates with friends.

4. Express gratitude. Let others know how much they mean to you. Thank them often. Tell them how they enrich your life, and be specific.

5. Give more. Create an atmosphere of kindness and generosity around you. Others will be more likely to want to help you, and you’ll enjoy greater satisfaction.

Bust through the obstacles that hold you back from bringing more love and peace into your life. Embrace your emotions, transform your self-talk, and connect with family and friends.

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