Sincerity Keeps My Actions Aligned With My Conscience


One of the things I appreciate most in life is genuine interaction. It is important to me to show others my true intentions. 

There are moral guidelines that I follow each day, and following these rules ensures that I maintain peace of mind. 

I keep my guidelines in mind when dealing with business partners. Although there are ideal outcomes for negotiations, I avoid compromising my beliefs to achieve them. My role at work is best carried out when I am true to myself and what the job requires. 

When I have unpopular decisions to share with my kids, I am firm with my announcement. 

I explain to my children that my decisions take their best interests into account. Although I enjoy when they are pleased with my choices, I prefer to follow my instincts. Taking care of their well-being is my most important priority, and using my moral perspective as my guideline serves me well. 

Following my conscience makes it easy for me to explain my thoughts, actions, and decisions. I am confident about my choices when I know there is a basis for them. 

I portray a positive and reliable image when I declare commitment to my morals, inspiring the trust of others around me. 

Today, I am committed to sincerity in all my relationships. My daily mission is to stay true to my beliefs and perspectives. I embrace the validity of interactions that are based on honest expression. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How do I move forward when my conscience presents me with multiple possible decisions?
  2. How do I respond when others criticize my honesty?
  3. What is my response when I find that someone is dishonest with me?
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