Stressed at Work? How to Handle Difficult Days


If you’re employed, you’re almost guaranteed to feel stressed at work, at least once in a while. Sometimes that tension may feel like it’s getting the better of you. 

As you continue to encounter stressful situations, your resilience may feel more worn down with each incident. You may eventually find yourself reacting instead of responding, which can have negative physical, mental and emotional repercussions. 

However, you can control how you react to stress. If you feel like you’re at your limit with workplace tension, take action now. 

Surefire Techniques to Combat Job-Related Stress

Try these ideas to develop the ability to cope positively with on-the-job stress: 

1. Take a walk. Walking is perhaps one of the most underrated techniques for reversing the effects of negative situations. For handling stress at work, a brisk walk around the building or around the block can really help to clear your head. A little exercise will also give you the push to make it through the rest of the day. 

  • Maintain a brisk pace from beginning to end
  • Stretch your limbs fully 
  • Concentrate on your pace and take your mind off of your challenges in the office 

2. Take deep breaths. For centuries, deep breathing has been pinpointed as an effective technique for relaxation. It’s an integral part of popular forms of exercise like yoga, Pilates and even swimming. The bottom line is that your brain needs oxygen, and deep breathing helps your brain get it!To use breathing to help maintain your composure under stress: 

  • Stand upright when taking your deep breaths. That way, you’ll feel the effects from head to toe. 
  • Keep your eyes closed and focus on listening to your body inhale and exhale. 
  • Combine breathing with stretches, lifting yourself up onto your toes and extending your arms above your head. 

3. Avoid engaging with the stressors. Sometimes, having stressors right in your face can make you feel like you’re going to explode! Instead, try bidding a hasty retreat. If you can’t get rid of what’s stressing you, take yourself away from it. Remember, everything ends at some point. 

  • If your stressor is a person, take a break from the confrontation. Walk out if you must! 
  • If an issue is what’s causing tension, get help addressing the challenge. That way, you won’t feel like you’re in the boat alone. 
  • When you return, the issue will either be out of your way completely, or will seem much easier to manage! 

4. Drink cool water. Surprisingly, it’s pretty easy to get immediate stress relief by drinking cool water. When we get worked up, our entire body reacts, and not just our emotions. Drinking water helps to cool down the body and can restore a sense of calmness. 

Eliminating stress factors from the workplace completely is almost impossible, even if you work at a spa. On those days when tension seems to get the better of you, you’ll find relief by adapting some of these tips to your situation. You can start forming your stress-reduction habits today and feel the relief immediately! 

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