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financial freedomIn this blog post I am going to describe a simple 3-Step online business blueprint for achieving real financial independence. This is where I will add flesh to the bones of the strategy I outlined in a previous blog post, by setting out the practical steps you need to take to put this strategy into action.

By actively following these steps, you will be taking a giant leap to financial freedom, and you will avoid all the pain and financial setbacks I suffered going through the learning curve to acquire the knowledge I am about to share with you. Now, although I am involved in multiple programs and I use several systems to promote different aspects of my online portfolio, this is by far the easiest way of earning money online and the beauty of it is that anyone can do this. The only skills you need are the ability to click a mouse and to copy and paste.

Setting Up Your 3-Step Plan.

The core aspects of the 3-step blueprint are as follows:

  1. The DuckboardsAndStilts.com Affiliate Program
  2. The Juice Plus+ Products and Virtual Franchise Opportunity
  3. Personal Online Business Blueprint landing page

Step 1: Join the DuckboardsAndStilts.com affiliate program

First, you need to join the DuckboardsAndStilts.com affiliate program by purchasing one of the $4.97 or $9.97 ebooks on the DuckboardsAndStilts.com shop. You may access the shop either via the site menu above or by clicking here.

When you complete your purchase, you will be automatically enrolled onto the DuckboardsAndStilts.com affiliate program, which will enable you to earn 25% commissions on all your referrals’ purchases.  You will also be allocated a position in our 5 x 8 matrix, where you will earn a 5% commission on every level, up to seven levels. You will find your referral link in your affiliates area, once you have joined, and you should share your affiliate link with your friends and associates and invite them to check out this website and, hopefully, persuade them to buy at least one ebook from the shop. The $4.97 purchase price should hopefully be low enough to not deter people from buying an ebook from a inventory that covers genuine topics of interest, and when they buy, they will also be automatically enrolled onto the affiliate program. I am also conscious that 25% commissions on $4.97 purchases will seem very low, however, the point is to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible to encourage more people to join by purchasing products of genuine interest from the shop. If you can get 5 people to purchase an ebook and they, in turn, persuade 5 people, the commissions will mount up quickly as your team grows and your organisation gathers momentum. Click here to read the terms of service of our affiliate program.

Step 2: Sample some Juice Plus+ Products and Join the Juice Plus+ virtual franchise

Next you will want to use some of your earnings from the DuckboardsAndStilts.com affiliate program to, first of all, sample the Juice Plus+ products, and then to become a Juice Plus+ Partner by joining the Juice Plus+ franchise, for a one-time cost of $52. Please note, Juice Plus+ is a well established international company with branches in countries all over the world and the price of a franchise may vary slightly from country to country. You may find out the franchise price for your country by selecting your country or region on the Juice Plus+ website.

Click here to learn more about Juice Plus+ products and the Juice Plus+ franchise opportunity.

Step 3: Set up your personalised Simple Online Business Blueprint landing page.

The key to growing your business and income will be to simply share the DuckboardsAndStilts affiliate program and the Juice Plus+ franchise opportunity with as many people as possible. The most effective way to do is with the use of a simple online business blueprint landing page. Click here to view my online business blueprint landing page.

As an added incentive to anyone who purchases an ebook from the DuckboardsAndStilts.com shop and subsequently joins the Juice Plus+ franchise through any link on this website or any of my landing pages, I will create an identical copy of this landing page, coded with your own unique referral links, for you to use to promote your business to prospective customers. You can do this by sharing the link to your personalised landing landing page with your network of contacts on social media and other places. There is no need to persuade anyone to buy. Simply share your personalised landing page with your network of contacts and let the videos do the selling for you.

If you have any question at all about the information provided in the blog post please do not hesitate to contact me.

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