The Beauty of Nature Inspires Me


The beauty found in nature inspires me. When I look outside, I am overtaken by the majesty of everything that I see around me. 

The trees, with their tall trunks and long branches, inspire me to have a strong center and to reach out to others. 

I stand tall regardless of the weather of life. When the wind blows or the thunder crashes, I stand firm on my ground like a tree. I reach out to those in need, even placing them before myself. 

The sun shining in the sky inspires me to stay the course. I shine like the sun, each day as bright as the day before. Even when unnoticed, I still give out my light. 

All of the creatures living in harmony teach me to value relationships. I may sometimes disagree with the people around me, but I can live in harmony with everyone. 

The birds prove to me that it is possible for me to soar above obstacles that seem bigger than myself. I just have to believe with certainty that I can fly and I will. 

Studying nature helps me realize that I am but a small piece of the puzzle. Life is about so much more than just me. When I get outside of my own issues and rediscover the world around me, life seems a little brighter. 

Today, I choose to take a break from my work to stand outside, without an agenda. I choose to allow nature to speak to me. I find the answers to many of my innermost questions from nature. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

1. When was the last time I took a break to admire nature? 

2. When I look outside, what is nature saying to me? 

3. How does nature inspire me in the area of relationships? 

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