The Best Revenge is Enjoying Your Life


It seems to be part of human nature to want revenge. We like the idea of justice. Whether we suffered at the hands of a cruel and incompetent boss, or were treated badly and dumped by a partner, we want our pound of flesh. 

This approach is flawed for several reasons: 

  • You’re spending your time on someone that doesn’t care about you. 
  • You can create serious challenges for yourself if you take things too far. 
  • You let them off the hook. Once you strike back, they have the luxury of “knowing” they were right to mistreat you. 

Though it seems less exciting than publicly humiliating your ex or building a car bomb, living a great life is actually an effective way to get revenge. 

Try these techniques to get revenge by living the best life you can: 

1. Increase your income. One great way to enhance your life is to increase your income. Having additional financial resources gives you more choices and freedom in life. If you want to make someone jealous of your life, have a lot of freedom to live as you choose. 

2. Find a more enjoyable way of earning money. You spend a lot of time at your job. There are few better ways to enhance your life than finding a job that you love and earning more money, too! When you can enjoy your workdays, you’re doing something that few people can claim. 

3. Enhance your health and fitness. There’s a reason why so many men and women manage to finally lose weight after going through a break-up. It’s a great thing to do for yourself. It also feels good to show your ex what they’re missing out on. 

4. Find a new relationship or build on the one you already have. Good relationships make life more interesting, enjoyable, and meaningful. Most people neglect their relationships. You can do a lot to enhance your life by giving your relationships more care and attention. 

5. Build your social circle. Increasing the size and quality of your social circle is a wonderful way to take your life to the next level. Your nemesis will cringe at your new level of popularity. 

6. Become more influential. Become a more important person. This can be at work, socially, online, or in your community. How can you become a more powerful person in the world? Even a small improvement in this area is noticeable to others. 

7. Declutter your life. One of the things that can hold you back is all the clutter in your life. It’s not just the extra items that you own. It’s the low-quality people, obligations, and worries, too. Eliminate all the mediocrity from your life, and your life will blossom. 

8. Find an activity that’s meaningful to you. A life with more meaning is more fulfilling on a personal level. When you’re doing something that’s meaningful to you, you have a glow that other people can’t resist. 

9. Enjoy your life. This is the best general tip for getting back at those people that have wronged you. Simply go out and enjoy your life to the fullest. It will drive your enemies nuts. 

Get your revenge by taking your life to the next level. One of the great things about social media is the ability to share your life with the masses. You can bet your enemy will check your Facebook page on occasion. Give them something to see! 

Resist your urge to do something drastic. Instead, enhance your life and enjoy it to the fullest. This is the best form of revenge. 

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