Volunteering Teaches Me Self-control and Discipline


The time I spend volunteering for worthy causes is well spent. I learn how to exercise self-control and discipline when I involve myself in giving back. 

Sharing my time and energy reminds me that there are many needs outside of my own. Having someone else as the focal point forces me to control self-serving behavior. My consciousness about my importance is held at bay when I am in volunteer mode. 

Observing how charitable resources are stretched proves to me that there is more room in my life for discipline. 

When I look at how much value is gained from charitable contributions, I am encouraged. A lot of creativity is used to convert small amounts into meaningful missions. I know that a little creativity is all it takes to get more out of my own money. 

Sacrificing my personal desires while I volunteer is difficult, but worthwhile. It teaches me the value of having just enough. 

When I see what it means to live without basic amenities, I am humbled. Being privy to that forces me to be more frugal. I exist in a state of excess without even realizing it. I am committed to cutting out some of my indulgence in order to benefit others. 

Today, I am learning to live with self-control and discipline. Shifting the focus from myself to others shows me what really matters in life. I am happy to spend my time doing good for others. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What other areas of my life can be improved by donating my time and resources?
  2. What steps do I take to practice self-control?
  3. In what creative ways can I contribute to those who are less fortunate?
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