What Jeopardy Can Teach You About How to Be a Winner


Audiences worldwide love Jeopardy. They’ve kept the popular quiz show on the air for more than 50 years. It’s won more awards than any other US game show, including 39 Emmys and a Peabody. Some avid fans have even used the theme song for their wedding music. 

Watching Jeopardy is a great way to spend time with your family and pick up fun facts about US presidents and world capitals. On top of that, Jeopardy is also a useful resource for how to win more victories over challenges in your own life. 

Become more resourceful and resilient as you play along at home. See what Jeopardy can teach you about how to be a winner. 

Ask Questions 

Phrasing responses as questions was originally just a gimmick, according to the show’s creator, Merv Griffin. Now, it’s become a cherished tradition that underscores the importance of being inquisitive. 

Try these techniques when asking questions: 

1. Remember your purpose. There are many benefits to asking questions. You can gain information, resolve misunderstandings, and make others feel important. We tend to ask fewer questions once we leave childhood, so work at maintaining your curiosity. 

2. Establish priorities. While kids often talk about whatever is on their mind, adults are expected to be more selective. Your coworkers and friends are more likely to give you the answers you’re looking for if you respect their time and privacy. 

3. Be neutral. Welcome different perspectives rather than trying to validate your position. Avoid loaded questions that will encourage others to tell you only what you want to hear. 

4. Start conversations. Unless you want one-word answers, make your questions open ended. You’ll seem friendlier, and you’ll learn more about others’ thoughts and feelings. 

Continue Learning 

Asking questions is a great start, but there’s much more to lifelong learning. The top Jeopardy contestants are role models for accumulating new knowledge and skills. 

Make use of these strategies to include learning in your daily routines: 

1. Listen closely. Pay attention to what others have to say. You’ll strengthen your relationships and build trust. Make eye contact and show your enthusiasm. Concentrate on the message you’re receiving instead of rehearsing your response. 

2. Read. Consuming books online and in print boosts your brain power. Reading helps you to empathize with others and handle stress. Your example may also encourage your children to read more. 

3. Take courses. The internet makes it easy to continue your education without having to go back to school full time. Earn certifications related to your work or listen to university professors lecturing about history and science. 

Persevere Through Obstacles 

COVID-19 has even interrupted Jeopardy. They ran out of pre-taped shows after airing new episodes 5 nights a week for 11 months each year since 1984. And then, the beloved Alex Trebek passed on, RIP. Still, they’re carrying on with new streaming options. 

Using these strategies will help you to persevere through obstacles: 

1. Think positive. Try to be cheerful during difficult times. Practice self-care and remember that current conditions are temporary. Take your mind off your own situation by giving back to others in your community with volunteer work and random acts of kindness. 

2. Focus on growth. Use adversity to fuel your personal development. Reflect on your experiences, so you can evaluate your progress and come up with more effective strategies. 

3. Ask for help. Build a network of support. Let your family and friends know what you need. Consider talking with a professional therapist online or in person if you’re struggling. Your doctor can provide referrals, or you can call a local helpline. 

Succeeding off stage can be even more exciting than finding a Daily Double. Let Jeopardy inspire you to ask, “What are my goals and how can I reach them?”

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