What You Can Do if You’re Feeling Socially Isolated


There are a lot of people that feel alone these days. It’s not easy or safe to casually meet for dinner at a restaurant. It’s not advisable to meet at a friend’s house for a poker tournament. 

A lot of the regular activities you normally use to connect with others and to get out of the house are off-limits now. It’s natural to feel out of sorts and isolated. 

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are opportunities to connect with others if you’re willing to think outside the box. 

Find new ways to stay in touch with the outside world: 

1. Be creative. Maybe your normal social channels and activities are now unavailable to you. That just means you need to be creative and find new ways to connect with others and spend your time. 

  • Maybe you were in a bit of a rut anyway. Now might be a great opportunity to make a few changes in your life. 

2. Meet safely.Go for a walk with a friend. Wear your mask and stay six feet apart. You can easily enjoy a walk together, have a conversation, and keep your distance. 

  • Meet at the park and share a coffee.
  • There are plenty of ways to meet and be safe about it. 

3. Use the phone. You can do more with that magical smartphone than just watch funny videos, play games, and text. Call people and talk to them. Conversational skills have really gone downhill over the last decade. Reconnect via your phone and have an honest conversation. 

4. Use the internet. There are countless ways to use the internet to connect with others. Let’s consider just a few: 

  • Skype and Zoom. These are just two of many software platforms that allow you to see and talk to others. Zoom is great if you want to talk to multiple people at once. 
  • Online gaming. You can play card games, chess, checkers, and many other games and have a conversation at the same time. 
  • Forums. If you want to be more anonymous, forums provide a great outlet for sharing your thoughts, but not your name or your face. 

5. Take up a hobby. What do you like to do? What would you like to learn? Maybe you’d like to take up gardening this spring? Dancing? Chess? Piano? Knitting? Woodworking? Painting? Writing? 

  • What could you see yourself doing that would be fun and interesting and take your mind off the current situation? 

6. Be creative. Create something. A blog. A painting. A book. A song. A poem. A scrapbook. A flower arrangement. A set of shelves. Look for a creative outlet that interests you and let your creative side out for a change. Share what you create with the world. Take a picture or make a video and post it online. 

7. Exercise. Exercise is a great way to change your perspective. It also helps to keep your mind and body healthy. What type of activity do you like to do? Do it. 

8. Be safe. It’s easy to become fatigued with the Covid-19 situation and let your guard down. Avoid becoming reckless. Look for safe outlets for your need to connect with others. 

The pandemic won’t last forever. In the meantime, if you’re feeling isolated, be creative and reach out to the people in your life. Maybe you can’t sit on the couch and watch a movie together, but there are other meaningful ways to interact with each other. Find new and enjoyable ways to spend your time alone and to connect with others. 

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